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This book focuses on the topics necessary to build a relationship of trust, respect, and love with your horse. A must-read for true horse lovers, Win Your Horse's Heart is your solution for winning a horse's heart in an unselfish way.
Make a difference in the lives of horses and horse lovers alike by ordering our book. Win Your Horse's Heartis all about self-acceptance, making choices, problem solving, and allowing for compromise with effective communication, leadership, and confidence.

Through the horsemanship principles within the pages of the book, you will be better equipped to interact with horses from their point of view and create a stronger bond.

 Way more than riding lessons!

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Sept 2013

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Natural solutions for your animals health and yours too!

Win Your Horse's Heart ( Be A Better Horseman)
by Sherry Jarvis

is a "horse" book but really it is even more than that. It
is about how to develop a greater relationship between you and your horse.

Heart in Your Hand Horsemanship has been serving horse lovers since 2013. Since the beginning our aim has been to help both the horse and rider become even more successful by presenting a balanced foundation from which you can build a confident, trusting, respectful relationship, without sacrificing the spirit of either the horse or the human.
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