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 Sherry on Sorry a foggy morning ride at home. Photo taken by Jane Perez
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Clinics where you discover more about
leadership, confidence and communication
so you have better success and fun with your horse. 

Demonstration Workshop:
Unlimited number of viewers
9:00-11:30 Liberty progression Bareback Bridle less riding, etc.
11:30-12:00 Q & A
12:00-1:00 Lunch Break
1:00-2:30 Beginning a new horse on the ground.
2:30-3:00 Q & A
3:00-3:30 Break
3:30-4:30 more with horse
4:30-5:00 Q & A
Demonstrations can also be condensed into a shorter version.
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Normal Full Day Clinic
7-12 riders, unlimited auditors
8:00-8:30 Registration
8:30-9:00 Introductions
9:00-10:00 Classroom 
10:00-10:15 Break
10:15-11:45 Ground Work
11:45-12:00 Q&A
12:00-1:00 Lunch Break
1:00-3:00 Riding Instruction 
3:00-3:30 Q&A /Break
3:30-4:30 Riding Instruction 
4:30-5:00 Q&A Rap-up
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Private Lesson Clinic
5-10 Participants
8:00-10:00 Lesson #1
10:00-12:00 Lesson #2
12:00-1:00 Break
1:00-3:00 Lesson #3
3:00-5:00 Lesson #4
5:00-6:00 Break
6:00-8:00 Lesson #5
Each person is given 1 hour of individual instruction while everyone else watches. Then discussion follows each lesson. Also some group activities where everyone participates.
You learning by watching, listening,
and doing. 
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Mini Clinic with
FREE Trail Rides
Available at Sherry's on Wednesdays from April to Nov. Go to schedule page for complete list of dates. Upon special request any open weekend.
A 3-4 hour mini clinic in the morning with a 3-4 hour easy FREE Trail Ride in the afternoon.
Tougher rides are available upon request with canyons and trees.

Housing is available for only $75 per night for two people. We can eat at the Sandstone Grill for lunch, pot luck it or bring a sack lunch.
Horses may be kept at our house or the Garfield County Fairgrounds has stalls.  Bring your own bedding and clean your own stalls.

Call Sherry 308-730-2150 or Email Sherry
Mail: 82507 465th Ave.
Burwell, NE 68823

Our Friendly Warning: 
There is always some risk involved in horse training for both you and the horse. Horses can cause serious injury.

Be sensible and don’t attempt anything that is outside your comfort level.

Any information on this website or that we present through any of our programs are intended to illustrate how we apply our training techniques with success.
However you are responsible for using this information wisely. If you don’t feel comfortable with your abilities or an exercise, don’t do it!

Seek advice or assistance from a professional before attempting things beyond your skill or confidence level.

Stay on the "high side of trouble".
Keep it natural and above all KEEP IT SAFE!

Clinics and Workshops
We have several different topics for clinics from ground work, liberty, bareback riding, leads and collection, to young horse handling. 
Go to the class description page for more details.
The Clinics are from one to three days long. 
We prefer a least a two day clinic and three days is even better because it is usually on the last day that everything seems to start to come together for the horse and rider, then they make significant changes.

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 If you choose to help me by Hosting a Class or Workshop you may participate in the event for free if you get a minimum of 7 other riders.However, you must secure a minimum of 7 participants with deposits not including yourself for a clinic in order to get 100% of your tuition waived.

This is a great way to get education with very little out of pocket expense, but it does take some work and effort. I have had this work very well when the person put some time into their responsibilities as the host. Others have just sat back hoping it would all happen, unfortunately this doesn't work. It takes phone calls, time, and some work to promote the event successfully. It won't happen by itself. So please take your job as host seriously and I will reward you appropriately.

As coordinator of the event you are responsible for the following:

1. Advertise and promote the event.
2. Secure at least 7 participants for a clinic.
3. Secure the facility.
4. Receive phone calls and e-mails from fliers.
5. Answer questions or direct people to my web site.
6. Inform people about: cost, facility, directions, nearby motels, campgrounds, restaurants, boarding facilities if needed, etc.
7. Sign people up and receive the deposits for the class.
8. Send a confirmation to student once deposit has been received.
9. Arrange for instructors personal accommodations.
10. Help with registration at event.
11. Greet participants, show them where everything is: stalls, parking, etc.
12. Collect payment from auditors at the event.
13. Obtain obstacles and play equipment required.
14. Be sure that participants own or borrow proper required equipment.
15. Do anything else the instructor needs help with.

To start the process of being a host and riding with Sherry for FREE please fill out the form below and submit. 
Thanks, and I look forward to working with you

Type of Clinic & Number of Days Requested**:
Town Location of Clinic **:
Name of Arena or Barn :
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Dates requested for Clinic **:
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Uncover the Joys of Horsemanship
By turning to our expert instructor Sherry Jarvis
Here is what others have to say about their experience with Sherry

There are three key things I learned while watching Sherry's clinic.

The first is that humans have a VERY short attention span compared to horses. We often say "Oh, I lost my horse's attention" or "I didn't want to tire or over stress him so I quit." Watching everyone through the lens of the camera (I was videoing for Sherry) I could see facial expressions and events up close----at every exercise it was the person whose attention span wavered, not the horse. It's the handler who tires, not the horse. I never realized before how dramatic this is.

Secondly, as long as the human was understandable, they had the horse's full attention. When the human didn't know how to make their signals clear, the horse quit paying attention, quit watching, and mentally left. When the owner didn't know the clear language of the exercise and was confused, the horse's attention left because their person wasn't really saying anything clearly. When the owner's language became clear again, the horse returned his attention to her.

Thirdly, I've always loved auditing clinics, always felt it was enough for me. This time I left with a new realization. Auditing is fine, but I was leaving without my body having practiced any of the exercises, which meant I had no muscle memory of doing anything right or wrong. It's the first time I understood the greater advantage of actually participating----a person builds muscle memory from the doing of the thing, which increases one's success rate at home

Oh wow! I got myself out of my comfort zone & I am so excited about it! My little fat mare acted a little different than what I expected, didn't she Sherry?

Anyway, I came away understanding myself more & my horse. I have to get my body in synch before she can respond to my body movements! And THAT what you do on the ground you can do in the saddle!! And finding my balance point with the triangle. I am more aware of that than ever. I have never had it put to me that way. Before I just got on & rode & hoped I stayed in the middle!!!

Maybe I haven't explained myself well BUT at least I KNOW WHAT I MEAN to me!! I met some of the nicest horse women & their beautiful horses!!! It was neat to watch Sunday the change that began from Sat's session!! A one day clinic is definitely NOT ENOUGH TIME!! The most significant positive changes came on the second day.

Thanks again to the Buffalo Belles Saddle Club for opening up their clinic to us outsiders. Thanks to Kay for all she did, letting Sherry & I stay at her cabin. A great big thanks to Sherry for being our clinician & being so patient with us. Another big thanks to her for hauling me & my horse to the clinic. I deeply appreciated it Sherry!!

When's the next 2 day clinic???? I'd better wait till school starts & I start getting a paycheck--------that would probably help a lot!

I had a WONDERFUL time Saturday at the clinic and thought my wife was going to have to hang up on me to shut me up from chattering on and on about it. You were correct that you picked the perfect horse for me, as Sliver was exactly the challenge that I needed to move outside my comfort zone. When I saw his scared eyes and saw he wouldn't come near me when I approached the stall I thought I was in trouble for the day, but the second you told me to touch his withers and he relaxed then I knew it would be ok. I know he was a bit skittish as we walked into the arena and I still was a bit apprehensive with this horse I really didn't know. However, I was amazed that within a half hour I felt we had both relaxed and started to have fun together. The more confident I grew as the leader, the more I could see him relax and start to really focus on me, and that was so gratifying!
I realize I have much to learn in honing my reining techniques and getting them to a point where they are more effortless, but I sure did leave yesterday having learned some important lessons of how to bring the horse under my control. By the end of the day I had lost all fear that Sliver was going to throw me, and felt like I could more easily "break" him of his stubbornness to head back to the stall when he got on the west side of the arena.

I am so thrilled with the clinic on Sunday. I learned so much and now I want to just go to your clinics and train my horses. I think that you are a great teacher and you took the trouble to make sure that you didn't hurt my feelings which is very sweet.
Now it is raining and I don't have any indoor facilities so it will be a few days before I get to practice all the things that we did.
I don't know how you cope with all the tears and the fears. I believe you can guess that I wouldn't do very well with being a teacher like you are. You do a great job and if anyone says anything else I want you to call me!!!!

Thanks for the reply. The unloading went quite well actually...she took more time and didn't "barge" out so much. Your help with loading was immeasurable!
The general confidence in all of us is much higher after the clinic. I have been really focusing on the neutral zone, watching forward motion on the hind end yields, and using major vertical blocks when walking outside to stop her forward motion. SO-o-o helpful. Hana has been doing just great with all of the new information too.
Thanks for getting back to me on the halters and thanks for the general check-in. We all had a ball at the clinic.
Annie & Hana

I want to thank you SO very much for all the informationyou shared with the girls and me yesterday. As we drove home, I asked the girls if they learned lots and the resounding answer was, "YES!!". But now here's proof that Alfie learned a lot, too.
This morning I got a call from the former director of the school, who lives across from the school. Last evening, Emily had been helping me feed the horses at school and she had forgotten to latch one of the gates. Alfie and two other horses got out and our director found them out on the lawn and in the garden. The other two horses couldn't be caught but Alfie followed our former director right into the barn!!! Pretty amazing because he NEVER would have done that prior to your class yesterday. Even she was amazed!! We have lots of work to do with this pony, but I really think yesterday gave us an excellent foundation to build upon.
Many, many thanks!!

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the clinic last weekend. I'm so glad you were able to put something together for us. I enjoyed meeting the other ladies and I learned so much. I gained confidence in my horse and myself.
Shelby is so much more attentive on the ground now. She follows me around in her pen when I go to muck it.
Thanks for everything.

Thanks for another fun, thought-provoking clinic (and tiring, I was pretty tired by Sunday evening).
I admire for wanting to initiate positive changes in people. I really admire you for your patience and fortitude.

This person was the winner of a free lesson at the 2005 Expo.

Wanted to send you an extra special Thank you for allowing me to ride in your clinic!
One day was a real treat! Both days was more than I could have ever hoped for!
I had a great time and am now enjoying applying what I learned to other horses and also passing on the knowledge to my 6 year old son and helping him "Play" with his pony. Recently I was able to ride Fancy down the road, away from home, by herself!
This is something neither her nor I felt safe and comfortable doing by ourselves for the better part of our 9 years together! I have to think we can do it now because of what you taught me! I'm really looking forward to the day when I can ride with you again! See you at the Expo!
Heartfelt thanks,
I want to thank you once again for coming down as I feel it was a success and I think this will certainly help the kids to decide whether they want to continue or not. You have a wonderful blend of enthusiasm for what you are doing, the right amount of humor to make it fun and a good dose of "no nonsense" to give everyone a reality check.
Thanks again for all your help.
Jo Bek
Curtis Equine Instructor

These were the winners of the 2006 Expo contest.
Thank-you so much for your horse clinic we attended last week-end. We not only enjoyed the clinic, but we found a new way to enjoy our horses.

After attending your clinic, we realized we no longer have to force our horses to obey us. We just need to ask them to do something in a way they understand. We never knew we could ride our horses with only a halter and a lead rope. We always thought we had to have a bit in their mouth to control them.

I'm sure our horses will be glad we have a new found way of treating them. The techniques we learned at your clinic enables us to communicate clearly to all of our horses for a lifetime. Thank-you again for sharing your knowledge of horsemanship with us. Looking forward to meeting up again with you soon.
God's Blessings,
Sandy and Lonnie

 I wanted to tell you that I got on my horse for the first time from the ground (the big quarter horse mare) using the mounting that you taught me. It is a lot less painful on my hips and I have been able to be a lot more comfortable getting on and off the horse.
This is the first time since I got hurt that I have been able to do that without pain. I never would have realized that changing position would make such a major difference. thank you.

I got my horses a year and a half ago to ride because I had always loved riding. It was a relatively selfish desire stemming from a bit of a panic about not ever having any more babies. A bit of a "mid-life crisis".

But what really seems to bring me the most joy is the relationship that I build with them. I haven't really ridden since right before Christmas because of the nasty weather and ice, but the bond that I have developed with both horses this winter has been one of the most rewarding things that I have ever experienced.

The best thing is that I know it will only keep getting better. It is hard to describe, but I know that you will understand because I have seen you with your horses.

I look forward to seeing you again soon. Once again, thank you for all that you have done for me in my journey.

I would like to thank you for having the clinic at Joni's. I can't explain how great it was for me to attend even if I didn't bring a horse. You don't know how, in one day, you have affected my life with my horses.
I wish I could have come back on Sunday, but life gets in the way sometimes. I hope I get to attend another one soon! Thank you so much.

Thank you so much! You did a great job! I really appreciate that you addressed everybody’s individual needs.
Major has so much more confidence (and me too). On the way to the clinic Major was wide eyed and shaking, on the way home he was calm eating hay and not shaking. When I unloaded him he calmly stepped out and started eating grass.
I think your clinic has made the biggest impact on our progress than anything I have been to so far. I hope no one asked how it went because I will probably start to cry if I try to explain too much and I hate emotions.
I read the sheets you gave us. The last paragraph cracked me up…..”Congratulations you made it all the way through”
I really need to be working right now, but I can’t get my horse and this weekend out of my head.

Sherry one armed was a wonder, two armed she is a miracle!I saw her help two different difficult horse/owner combinations this week that truly made huge break throughs for them, and the owners were reproducing the results with her guidance by the end of the sessions. You got it girl!

The June clinic that Sherry had at A.L. I audited - just to see what it was all about, and I was impressed.So this last weekend I actually participated in the clinic with my 2 yr. old Morgan filly - her birthday was Saturday so the clinic was my birthday present to her.

We had a great group of participants and horses. And yes, Sherry did ride Keith! My shoulders are slightly sore from using the carrot stick, so that's how I think you could identify natural trainers - their large deltoids!

It was really a great experience with a lot of those “Ahah” moments. Thanks, Sherry! I'm planning on continuing to work with my filly (I hope I can remember everything I learned) and am hoping to make considerable progress before Sherry comes back for her next clinic.

Anyway, auditing was great, but participating was a whole different level. It certainly looks "easier" when watching rather than actually "doing". I certainly would recommend participating in Sherry's clinics.

Some of the beginning steps I had accomplished on my own, but there were tasks Sherry helped me with and corrected the way I was doing things that helped tremendously in how my filly responded to me.

Being an ex-teacher myself, I admire your willingness to continue to grow as an instructor and always improve on your presentation. You have so much enthusiasm and exuberance.

Keep up the good work - you are still my favorite clinician.
Cindy R.

I just wanted to let you know, as an observer of Dave and Dobbin after the clinic, how much your clinic has done for him. He was always Unsure. My hope for him was to be as excited about getting out to and on the horses as I was. He loved spending time with Dobbin, but I could tell he never really felt comfortable on Dobbin.

I'm always the one who comes home and wants to rush through dinner and Chores, so that I can get out to the horses. Dave always just kind of followed along. Since the clinic, Dave is the one who can't wait to get things done so he can get out there and work with Dobbin!! He used to plan time with Dobbin around his chores. Now he plans his chores around his time with Dobbin!!


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