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 Sherry on Sorry a foggy morning ride at home. Photo taken by Jane Perez
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Private Lessons in Omaha and Lincoln Aug-Dec.

As some of you know I have been coming to the area nearly every month for seven years now. There are some rumors that I am not going to come to the area any more. This is not completely true. However, I am beginning to restructure how I do it so that it is more effecient and effective for everyone.

The last few months it has become ever increasingly difficult to schedule because it seems everyone is wanting me to come right to their house, which I do not mind, but with the cost of fuel and the extra 30-60 minutes drive time it really cuts into the profit. I would do this for free if I could, unfortunately I am trying to make a living.

Although I love instructing all of you and appreciate your eagerness to learn I feel I either need to charge a mileage fee like my farrier and vets do when they travel to my place or I need to be stationed at a single barn and you will come to me. Either way or a combination of both will work for me.

The thing I really would like to promote more of are small group lessons (ie. mini clinics 3-4 hours long with 3-6 people together) or 1 and 2 day clinics, which I think are even more effective because of the repetitive learning involved. Plus you can learn from each other and they actually save you money, which I don't think anyone is opposed to.

So here is what I am propsing for the rest of this year, I will schedule some dates to come for mini clnics or 1-2 day clinics and all private lessons at your place will have a mileage charge added to the regular lesson fee.

I do have a couple of barns where we can meet for mini clinics. In Omaha a private barn near Bennigton, plus the HETRA barn in Valley.
In Lincoln I can use Wilderness Stables. Sometimes there is a $10-$15 charge to use the arenas.
However the group lesson fees will be quite a bit less per hour than the private lesson fee. So that will be helpful.

I will reserve Fri. of each weekend for private lessons either at HETRA or Bennington Barn, and at your place with the mileage fee.
I will reserve Sat. for mini and 1 day clinics in the Omaha area we can meet at one of the barns I have already mentioned or at your barn with friends.
I will reserve Sun. for mini and 1 day clinics in Lincoln at Wilderness Stables, and there is a $10-$15 fee to use arena/horse.

I will try to reverse the order every once in a while so Linoln can have Fri. and Sat. as the demand requires it. Then Omaha would be on Sunday.
As needed I will stay on Monday as I have been doing all along.


A 2 hour Private lessons will be $85 if you come to a barn where I am already at. They will be $100 if I have to drive up to 20 miles to your place. And if you are over 20 miles from my last location it is $100 plus $1.00/mile for every mile over 20 miles. If you want to lease a horse at the HETRA barn for your lesson it is $15/horse.

For a mini clinic we will need 3-6 people
1/2 day mini clinics: 4 hrs. 9:00-1:00 and 3:00-7:00
3 people $90 each
4 people $80each
5 people $70each
6 people $60each
7-10 people $50 each

For a 1 day clinic we will need 4-8 people
1 day clinic 8 hours 9:00-5:00
4 people $200 each
5 people $175 each
6 people $145 each
7-10 people $125 each

Here are some dates:
Aug 17-19
Sept 7-9
Oct. 12-14
Nov. 9-11
Dec. 7-9

Lastly this is a first come first serve business. If I have people reserve the bunkhouse for camps, trail rides or retreats before I get enough people signed up for lessons and clinics for these weekend dates then you will be notified either by e-mail, facebook, yahoo group or phone calls of the changes. As you see I have scheduled some camps and retreats these weekends, so whichever event gets people signed up first will be the event that happens.

To sign up call Sherry 308-346-5663


New On-line study course can help sky rocket your skills and relationship with your horse to new heights of excellence without leaving home!
It started Jan. 9, 2012
We just finished the end of the study Courses for spring on March 30th

Next On-Line Study Course starts the end of Oct. 2012.

READ what the students are saying about it and details of what the course is like by scrolling down the page.
New On-line study course can help sky rocket your skills and relationship with your horse to new heights of excellence without leaving home!
  • Get the personal help you need to advance your horsemanship
  • The on-line study program runs in 4 week sessions.
  • Session One Jan 9-Feb 3; Session Two Feb 6-March 2; Session Three March 5-30th.
  • You will participate in one live evening chat session with the whole group every week
  • You will have access to the chat group to ask questions and have discussions 24/7.
  • You will be developing better feel, trust, and respect with your horse.
  • You will be able to send in one video each week for evaluation by Sherry and the group. (not neccessary, but available)
  • We will share student videos and videos from Sherry with her horses each week.
  • You will be able to return and watch each session again.
  • You will be able to download written material with instructions.
  • The cost per month is $80 for students who have taken one on-line course, and $90 for first-timers. 
  • You must sign up for an entire session, no refunds for missed sessions.
  • You can join even if the session has begun, the cost will be prorated at $25/week and you must pay for the remainder of the session. You will not have access to the materials you missed out on before you joined unlesyou pay for them also.
The next sessions will start the end of Oct. of 2012 and run through the first of April of 2013.

Here is what students are saying about the on-line study course:
We had students from 7 states participate in January. (TX, CO, OR, GA, IA, MN, NE)

I never thought when I moved back to Texas and far, far away from the wicked winter months of the Midwest that there would be things I would desperately miss about the Midwest but I do. I knew I would miss my horsemanship lessons under Sherry's tutelage but I didn't realize exactly how much they had come to mean to me until I didn't have that one-on-one lesson or clinic to go to for answers and challenges.

One of my New Year's goals was to find a trainer/teacher down here to help me improve my riding and my horsemanship but the bar had been set very high so when I received an email inviting me to join Sherry for her first on-line horsemanship course I was intrigued and knew that I wanted to be a part of it. Having attended clinics, workshops, colt starting, and private instruction with Sherry I was confident that I would get more than my money's worth.
Even though we are only about halfway through the first session, I have been challenged, pushed and applauded. I am learning so much more than I thought possible. The format of this class is very conducive to the busy lifestyles most of us live. True to Sherry's commitment to preparedness, we have a written curriculum, how-to videos, exercises to practice what we are learning and the added bonus of being able to provide videos of ourselves performing the exercises for evaluation and suggestion and then once a week we meet on line for real time instruction, questions and answers. This course has EVERYTHING!!
Thank you, Sherry. You did it again!
Annette Griffin
Wills Point, TX


I am very pleased with Sherrry's new educational opporunity. I ride; but this study is helping me to remember to ride and to be with my horses/mules with finesse. I remember to teach my horses/mules to feel of & for me and to do the same for them with the exercises Sherry has put together for us. We are developing excellence with the smallest details of horsem...anship. I am a learner; this class has a format that compliments all learning. If you are a visual learner- the videos are right there for you to watch, if you learn by reading -the written lesson plans are well articulated, if you learn by doing- you have the opportunity to practice and send in your videos for free evaluations not only by Sherry but by the group if you so choose, if you are a brainstorming type learner- the group chat session is always open. The group provides a social connection and a source of motivation. All questions are always welcome. Super learners will study and use all these options. It's a great opportunity and you don't even have to leave home to play! As always, I appreciate how available and committed Sherry is to her students and their equine. That is truly not something that you find just anywhere.
Beatrice, NE

Best thing about this course: the written materials. When you finish the course, you literally finish with a textbook, which is great because, if you are like me, you need to go back and review on a regular basis. The written materials make it easy to do that.
Gretchen from Georgia

Oniline study group....
I figured, "why not try it"....well, not really that generic, as I've studied Sherry's great teachings for several years. In fact, for close to 8 years or longer. I've traveled to her clinics in different places and have gone to her home where she is more than welcoming to do the one thing I think she is superb at. That is teaching. The teaching Sherry does is more than a simple classroom, answering questions, and testing. It's teaching in all types of weather elements, to a mix of people with variable learning levels. She teaches in your home, in your yard, in or at your barn or at her home.

She welcomes ideas, suggestions, comments and as many questions as one could think of. She also welcomes challenges.
.Her influence on me is what has continued and held my interest and love for the horse, even when I was going through lack of confidence and fear issues. She has continually been there with her special knowledge and teaching skills that I connect with, and she always seems to find for me that 'need for the moment' lesson that I benefit from.
Sherry truly knows what it takes to make you a success with not only with your horse, but also with many factors in your every day life.

Ann, Lincoln, NE

The online study group was very beneficial for the following reasons:
1. It offered ways to work with my horses during the winter months when the weather didn't permit hauling a horse for lessons.
2. The students were allowed to see demonstrations via youtube so we could study them closely and repeat exercises if we didn't fully understand them the first time.
3. The other students were helpful during the live chats. We discovered that we were not alone in trying to overcome difficulties with our horses.
4. Sherry gave us new material every week, so we were constantly learning something.
5. There were "bonus tapes" in addition to the regular agenda.
6. As usual, Sherry gave "all" so we really got our money's worth.

There are probably more things to mention, but for the moment I can't think of them. In particular I thank Sherry for the Sunshine videos and dealing with head shy issues. One of my horses is extremely head shy and seeing Sherry's patient work with Sunshine helped me understand how to work with Jesse and also to give me concrete steps to train her. Since I have worked with Sherry, Jesse and I have made steady progress. I now understand that although it's a long process, it can be an enjoyable journey and offers rewards along the way. Thank you for the videos and the opportunity to study with you.
Patti Coslor

Sherry you offer so much "Training"! Not only do you do a wonderful job at explaining natural horsemanship, but you go the extra mile with support with horses, but also with life and spiritual issues. It is a very well rounded training. I hope one day I will be as well versed.
Leigh Ann

I have been a quiet participant in this study, and by no way have keep up in the weekly assignments, BUT…I do ride/work with my horse almost every nite. In the beginning, Pete & I were horse/rider…now Pete chooses me!!! What a great feeling to walk out to pasture and Pete picks me….instead of grain/catch pen and all the other yada yada to catch him…now after our work outs, Pete lingers for a little more attention…before he would be released from the halter and be gone! This teamwork can be felt in everything I ask of him now as well….just a little more willingness & trusting….Cant wait to work my way through all the assignments and videos to see where this team of Pete & Lorri end up!!!

I am really enjoying theonline course--I love to learn and I love to be with my horses---I also like being able to go outside on my own and work on things, and then check back in. I am a bit of a loner, so the alone time practicing and digesting fits me really well--then I can video or ask questions when I am ready for feed back. By the way, the feed back is an awesome learning tool. I have all your papers printed off and will read them. Thanks so much for providing the course--I know it takes a lot of work and preparation on your part. The lessons and explanations are written very well, and the videos are a wonderful compliment to it so that I have a visual to go off of. Anne

I have gotten so much out of the three courses. Thanks so much Sherry! My relationship with my horses is much improved. The lessons helped me to improve my horsemanship and to think on a deeper level. I have loved the chats also with other members. Hope everyone has a great summer and I might be able to join in again but it probably won't be before December as I am in a tractor for most of the fall harvesting corn. I love everyone's passion for improving their horsemanship skills. Keep up the good work.
Take care and happy trails, Renee

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