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 Sherry on Sorry a foggy morning ride at home. Photo taken by Jane Perez
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Uncover the Joys of Horsemanship
By turning to our expert instructor Sherry Jarvis
Way more than
just riding lessons!
Available Monthly
In Omaha, Lincoln 
And Grand Island 
Call Now to Reserve  Your Special Time!

We will come to your house
when in the area but a fuel
charge will be added to the
lesson fee if it is more than
a 30 minute drive or 40 miles.
Private lessons are availabe in
the evening at any scheduled
clinic or the day before or after
a clinic.
Some stables or arenas also
charge an additional fees for
facility usage, the price varies
from place to place.
 Lease Horses are available 
for $10-$25
Cost is  $45-$50/hour
For other costs  Click Here
Usually on the third weekend
of the month. Check the
Locations we use are:
Hetra Barn in Valley, NE
5-Star Sables in Valley, NE
Elkhorn Equestrian Center, Elkhorn, NE
View Point Farms, Bennigton, NE
BKT Stables  Lincoln, NE
Spotted Horse Hills, Grand Island,

Sherry's Place,
near Burwell, NE
only $25/hour and you will get
a FREE trail ride with a lesson
when you come to Burwell.
It is sometimes quite challenging to get everyone scheduled, and I normally fill up when I go to Omaha and Lincoln once a month. So please check with me to reserve your private time as early as possible.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your time. Unless you are very sick or there is a real emergency, you will be expected to keep your scheduled time or forfeit your deposit.
Changes to the schedule must be made at least 5 days in advance. Call Sherry 308-730-2150
Mail: 82507 465th Ave.
Burwell, NE 68823 

Private Lesson Deposit
There have been quite a few people choose to come spend a few days with me at my house for intense private lessons. With our new bunkhouse you can stay right here with us. Or if we are already full there are a couple of other cottages to rent within 5 miles. We would be happy to make arrangements for you.

Private Lessons vs. Camps or Clinics?

We understand private lessons are sometimes desired, so we do offer them to dedicated students willing to take them on a regular basis. However,I recommend a clinic or camp over the lessons at least once a year, because a 2 hour private lesson will go by so quickly.

There is no way you will get the solid foundation from one private lesson which you will get at a clinic or camp. I prefer to give private lessons after someone has already attended a couple of clinics. The value you get for your money with a clinic or camp is much greater than a 2 hour private lesson, unless you will commit to the lessons on a regular basis.

You will also learn from the other people at a clinic or camp which is invaluable. We will have a chance to cover so much more about principles and natural horsemanship philosophy. etc. etc. etc. There is no way I can cover all of this in a 2 hour lesson.

Private Lesson day format at home base arenas:
This is a sample and can remain flexible according to individual needs

8:00-10:00 Lesson #1
10:00-12:00 Lesson #2
12:00-1:00 Break
1:00-3:00 Lesson #3
3:00-5:00 Lesson #4
5:00-6:00 break
6:00-8:00 Lesson #5
8:00-10:00 Lesson #6

From Emma's Mom: Emma spent an afternoon at Sherry's house, riding Cisco
Dearest Sherry,
I just want to let you know what a tremendous impact you had on Emma the other day and thought you'd like to know the great things she's told me about her day with you.

When we were leaving she was in tears... tears of joy Sherry. She said to me; "Mom, she made such a difference in my life..." and the entire way home she told me all the neat things you'd shown her, the interesting ways you explained things to her and how you kept explaining things she didn't understand until she did grasp the idea! That was huge in her eyes Sherry - that you cared enough to keep explaining instead of becoming frustrated and getting angry or upset.

She was overjoyed having learned so many new things and the vital corrections you made in her riding. You notice when she does something right and encourage her, rooting for her to do well and seeing when she's made those changes! That is something she's not had before and was used only to hearing the mistakes she was making without positive correction or encouragement when she did do something right.

That's why I was so excited to get her started with you Sherry - I saw not only how you worked at the 4-H meeting but also how she responded to your encouragement and enthusiasm! I knew you would be kind, understanding and gentle yet firm but also that you would cheer and acknowledge when she'd grasped something new or corrected the things she needed to change. Seeing the good in her and rooting her on to do better made her a very happy little girl. She needs that and it's exactly what you give! Thank you!

I wish I could remember all the things she said so I could repeat them back for you - your heart would melt - you made that big an impact on Emma Saturday and she's very eager for more. Again Sherry, thank you!!! The remainder of Emma's weekend was spent telling anybody who'd listen about her time spent with you Saturday afternoon and even Popcorn Days paled in comparison to the fun, neat times she had with you Sherry.

Emma hasn't had many adults in her life that take an interest in her or her well being and though I have actively sought to bring her together with people that do care and want to be a participant, make a difference in a child's life for the better, unfortunately we've ended up with folks that talked a good story but in the end made things more difficult and hard - if that makes sense?

You obviously are not only great at horsemanship and care about teaching people how to correctly go about riding and owning a horse but also took the time to show Emma you cared about her - that's what made the difference!
Emma just kept repeating, tearily, on the way home how you'd "made such a difference in [her] entire life" and for a mom to hear that is the best thing in the world!!

Well Sherry I won't keep you but wanted to take a moment to thank you and share some of the wonderful things I'd heard from Emma with you, and hope it's put a big smile on your face. She had a fantastic weekend thanks to you!
We look forward to seeing you Wednesday at 10:00 Sherry.
God bless,

From Judy: after her 4th lesson with Sherry
I took Kahlil to 5 star today. The ground work was amazing. Our circles were round, we played our impulsion game and he was very responsive. He went down the wall while I drove him on a side pass. Turns on the forehand, etc. Under saddle, I only used my legs on him to guide him. He moved from walk to canter, trot to canter, canter to stand still - all with my energy!!!!!!!!! We were in synch like we have never been. Transition to canter is still a little rough but WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! I LOVE THIS HORSE!!! AND YOU!!!!!! He is just what I was hoping he would be. Soft. Got some nice rhythm going at the trot. He is relaxing. His head was totally relaxing at the trot. That one lesson and we have come a very long way!!!! I am so excited. You are the best!!!!
I worked on that exercise of making the tight turns and push coming out. It was great. We rode in a big field and I worked on trotting and rhythm and controlling the speed with my life and again - it was fantastic. I don't think I used a rein except to urge him on a little. I didn't ride very long. He was so good that I didn't want to ride him until he was tired. It was beautiful!!!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!! I think he is ready for the next step!!!! 

 From Jim:After his very first lesson with Sherry

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed our lesson on Sunday. Why?
  • That is the first time I felt that I was being shown how to get Jack to respond as opposed to react. 
  • You showed patience with both Jack and I.
  • I got so much out of the lesson, in both an active and passive way. 
  • And of course, Marilyn was sooooo gracious to allow me to use her arena!
I assume that next time we will reinforce and expand a bit. Looking forward to it!

Oh, Sherry! All I can say is thank you so much for working with Kali yesterday at your place! It was an absolutely wonderful experience for her as well as for me. The first thing she asked me this morning when she got up was if we were going to ride Cisco today and see Sherry. My dad watched the video and was absolutely in awe with how patient and kind you were. I couldn't stop talking about the lesson and how great you were! You have an amazing gift and I'm so grateful that I found you to be a part of my daughter's life with the love and understanding of horses. We're looking forward to the next lesson!

I wanted to tell you that I got on my horse for the first time from the ground (the big quarter horse mare) using the mounting that you taught me. It is a lot less painful on my hips and I have been able to be a lot more comfortable getting on and off the horse.
This is the first time since I got hurt that I have been able to do that without pain. I never would have realized that changing position would make such a major difference. thank you.

We had a great time visiting you during the rodeo.Thank you for allowing us to come and visit you and your horses. What a wonderful spot you have. Ally is still talking about the whole thing. Especially riding with you What a blessing you are for her. She just wants to absorb everything you do and say. You have such a good way with her.

You impressed me at Chance Ridge with your skill with the horses. But you blew me away when I watched how you worked with Ally. I don't know if you remember but Sunday afternoon of the two day clinic she was trying sooooo hard to impress me and she was also getting very tired. Her frustration was growing and you kept encouraging her to try again. Then she froze and started crying. You instantly responded calmly and reassured her. Then you physically moved away giving her some space. When that didn't settle her down you had everyone just walk around with their horses. You handled her perfectly. She was calm and ready to try again after that and was successful at the skill.

There are people who know a lot about horses that are not good at working with people. You my dear are both, a wonderful horsewomen and a wonderful teacher.

Hey Sherry! We just had our 4h horseshow yesterday. With your help I got 5 trophies. They were trail, poles, barrels, pleasure, and raining. Thanks for helping me slow Sue down, that helped me a ton. I am looking forward to going to another one of your workshops with Duke. Anyways, I guess I will talk to you soon.

Matt and I are so grateful for the time that we had with you! You taught me how to communicate in a clear manner that Matt is able to respond to and know what I am asking. He is doing so well and is eager to please. I can tell that he is just as proud when he "get's it" as I am. He is responding to the lightest of touch and starts doing circles as soon as I position and point!

I am very excited to continue this journey with Matt, as I am committed to developing an amazing and "natural" partnership with him.

I enjoyed our time together IMMENSELY and your teaching reaches farther than you may think..I am amazed at how when one is all caught up in the "busy-ness" of the modern world, one becomes quite out of touch with themselves. Even removed from their true passions in life.

The time with you and my horse put me back in touch with something valuable I lost years ago. I am now searching for ways to bring nature and quality contact with horses back in my life. The summer is not a big problem, I have two months available there. I am usually hauling Wyki all over the place for her showing. The rest of the year I work from just before sunup to after sundown, leaving me hardly any time for the things that really matter at home. I admire how you have successfully made your passion your work. Thank you for helping me to begin discovering the passions that were lost somewhere in this crazy world.

Paul and I both loved the private lesson with you.  Having the same teacher and same methods helps us work more closely together with our horses.  The ground work gave me some much needed confidence.  Every time we work with you we come away refreshed, less frustrated, and more confident in our horses and ourselves.  Pete is kind of a mystery to us and we need your guidance to bring out the best in him.  We both think he could be a super horse (more willing) but don’t know how to get him there.  You are the one that is going to help us with that.  You are very genuine, upfront, and most of all you really care about the horse.  Horses aren’t just a way for you to make more money, you really care about the animal’s welfare and for that Paul and I put our trust in you.  I’m so glad we found you! I’m excited to get direction as I think I finally know what it is I want out of riding.
Thanks so much.

From Michele:
Setting goals of getting in shape again to be a better rider.
Sherry, thank you again for the private lesson on Sat.  It was totally eye-opening.  Total clarity.  How refreshing and innovative!  You are always evolving to find creative ways to teach your students and your enthusiasm is contagious. 
I was so inspired by the Horse YOGA lesson that I have purchased a Beginner Yoga DVD.  It is instructed by Rodney Yee.  I even got Doug to participate with me!  We did the poses instruction and then did a 15 minute evening instruction and we plan on doing the A.M. instruction each morning.  We both feel so much better and even Doug said that he didn’t realize he had as much tightness in certain areas of his body. 
I also started this week walking on my cobwebbed treadmill for 20 min. 3X.  I figure I can’t expect Shelby to be the athlete and not me.  Never thought a horse would motivate me so much, or an instructor.  Thanks for the inspiration!!!
“We shall take great care not to annoy the horse and spoil his friendly charm for it is like the scent of a blossom – once lost it will never return.”  Pluvinel




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