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Way more than riding lessons. Become a better horseman.
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 Sherry on Sorry a foggy morning ride at home. Photo taken by Jane Perez
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We offer quality Customer Service:
because we want to see your horse dreams come true.
Who can benefit from our horsemanship instruction?
Anyone who loves horses and has a desire to learn about interacting with horses from the horses point of view with true feel.
What are the benefits of our programs?
Riding Skills

Sherry's Book
"Win Your Horse's Heart" (Be a Better Horseman)

Coming Soon!
Monthly Home Study Course
Weekly Assingments:
You will recieve 2-4 exercises to do with your horse each week
The exercises will explained thoroughly in the written instructions.
The exercises will also be demonstratred and explained on video. (DVD)

This is the same course which is teach for the on-line horsemanship study course. However you will not get the added support of the group, like: questions answered 24/7; live chats, and being able to send in videos of you doing the exercises for evaluations.

You will be able to purchase it on our godaddy.com store.
It should be out in early spring of 2012. 

What type of learning opportunities do we offer?
  • 1, 2, or 3-day Clinics
  • 1 day Mini Clinics with FREE Trail Rides
  • 3-5 dayWomens Confident Camp
  • 3-5 dayYouth Leadership Camp
  • 3-5 dayYouth/Parent Camp
  • 2-3 day Trail Ride Camp for the whole family
  • 2-3 day Trail Obstacles Camp
  • 2-3 day Spirit Horse Retreat
  • 3-5 dayYoga for Riders Camp
  • 3-5 day Body, Mind, & Spirit Camp
  • 5-7 day Horsemanship Boot Camp
  • 4-5 day Young Horse Handling Camp
  • 30-90 day Young Horse Development
  • 30-60 day tune up your horse or help problem horse
  • Private Camps (2 day minimum)
  • Private Lessons (2 hour minimum)
  • Horse Vacations (2 day minimum) Horse Lovers Bunkhouse
  • On-Line Study Course (4 week -6 month)
  • Equine Psychology Classes
  • Simulation Classes
  • Demonstrations (1/2 or full day)
  • Motivational Speaking
  • 1 day 4-H or Pony Club Workshops
  • 4-8 week Apprentice Program
  • 1 day Learning Tournaments
  • Success Journey (1month to 1 year)

Other kinds of services we offer:
 Horse Lovers Bunkhouse (Lodging For people at our camps, lessons, mini clinics, horse vacations apprentices etc.)
Spirit Horse Retreats by Free will offering for instruction only pay for lodging/facilities
FREE Monthly Newsletters (with Training Tips, Inspirational Articles, and Specials)
       FREE Yahoo Chat Group
       Support, ( to answer questions, give weekly assignments, and share our
       challenges and victories)
FREE Phone Call Support: (Once you participate in an event, we answer questions and help you solve problems at home)
FREE Blog (with many Training Articles and Student Testimonies)

Annual FREE Events (Summer Trail Rides with mini clinic and Dec. Christmas Open House Party)

FREE Study Groups and Play Days (Share DVD's in bad weather, fun get-togethers)
       Special Discounts to repeat students
Notes by Mail (following lessons to support and encourage your learning)

Have even more fun and success with your Horse.

Get the guidance you need on natural horsemanship with horseback riding lessons and training seminars from a qualified, experienced, certified instructor who cares about your journey.

We are here to provide a solid foundation for developing your horsemanship skills, learning how to ride, becoming an instructor, or starting your young horse. 
Get Sherry's Book:
"Win Your Horse's Heart"
(Be a Better Horsemans)
Photo by Holly Phillipps

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