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 Sherry on Sorry a foggy morning ride at home. Photo taken by Jane Perez
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Uncover the Joy of Horsemanship
by turning to our expert instructor Sherry Jarvis

Family Horse Vacations
New Camps:
Spirit Horse Retreats
Yoga for Riders,
Body, Mind Spirit, 
Trail Obstacles
Dear Horse lovers,
I want to share with you the concept of the family horse vacations with instruction and how it came about. I started the horsemanship camps for kids, and because some people couldn't seem to fit their schedule with the available dates for the camp, the family horse vacations were developed.

Lee, a 7th grader in Lincoln had attended one of my clinics a year ago. When she found out about the horsemanship camp for kids she was determined to come. However, her parent's busy schedule didn't allow her to attend a camp. She didn't give up, she asked if she could come study with me one on one. I said sure. Then the whole family came including grandpa and a couple of other relatives. Everyone enjoyed the peaceful time spent on the ranch while Lee and I played with our horses.

We went on a wonderful trail ride, and spent as many hours as possible developing our relationship with Molly, Lee's horse. One morning we went out to ride Molly and she was sleeping, so Lee and I just sat down on the ground next to her and visited while watching Molly sleep. It was 30 minutes of my life that I will cherish forever. The day that Lee and Molly left I had tears in my eyes as they drove down the driveway. I enjoyed our time together in a very special way, they both touched my life forever.

Here is a testimony from a man who's wife brought him to the ranch for their anniversary vacation with instruction.They leased our horses.
"As of last weekend. I could have been known as the "45 year old saddle virgin". As a young man I had what I thought was a bad experience during a trail ride. What I hear now as barn sour, caused the critter to decide she did not want a passenger and wanted to go home. After that if I sat in a saddle, it had handlebars attached.

As fate had it. 12 years and 3 days ago I married the luv of my life, a horse lover! We worked hard and fell into an acreage that guess what, we could have a horse (and 2 ponies later). I watched and stayed out of the way while my Wife put her all into learning the needed knowledge and training needed to be a good / respected horseman. Then she ran into Natural Horse Human philosophy. Seemed really different and somewhat intriguing to even an handlebar man.

Long story short. When she arranged for our 12th anniversary to be some natural training and trail riding my heart pounded, for more than one reason. But as it worked out, the preflight (ground training- I'm in the aviation field) caused time to stand still. Your skill as a respected horseman and teacher is evident by the results my wife and I produced.

I met some new friends in Dolly, Sunshine, and Q-ball. Became very proud of my Wife and Myself for navigating the trail rides. And I'm starting a new relationship with Major, my Wife's Arabian. Thank you and your Husband for your hospitality. And your commitment to the horse world and connecting it to your human world relationships. Your one of kind and are bound to succeed at whatever you decide to do......... "

We would like to offer these horse vacations to families who love horses whether you own a horse or not. If you own a horses you may bring them, if you don't, you may lease one of ours. You will learn so much about yourself it may surprise you. You will grow and develop confidence and leadership that will transfer to other areas of your life. The Calamus Outfitters Ranch seems perfect for these vacations because there are other things for the non-horsey people in the family to enjoy, while we play with horses. You will have all of our needs met by the staff of the Ranch so that you can focus on your horse relationship.

As I visit with horse lovers I have realized that there is a wealth of knowledge available at our fingertips about horse training. This camp is not only about developing a relationship with your horse, but about building your confidence as a leader and partner for your horse. We will be there to support and encourage you to overcome fears, and face challenges you may have with your horses.

You will grow closer to your horse and develop a new self-awareness of who you are as a horse person during the time we spend together.
Sherry Jarvis
e-mail Sherry 
Call 308-346-5663
Mail 82507 465th Ave. Burwell, NE 68823

Bring the whole family with your horses, or lease horses from us.

Maybe the kids will bring their horses and Mom and Dad will sit back and relax on the beautiful ranch, or enjoy bird watching, hunting,  fishing, boating, canoeing, or tanking in the Calamus Reservoir and River.
Natural horsemanship instruction from a qualified teacher (Sherry Jarvis).
Meals can be provided or you may use the kitchens available in each lodge or cabin to prepare your own.

Miles of beautiful open trail riding on the ranch.
A view of the lodging. 
This will be a life changing
horse vacation you will
always remember.
Also perfect for corporate or organizational retreats!
Team & Relationship building, Stress or Conflict management and Family or Marriage Retreats available with
"Sandhills Horse Sense"
Sherry is working in conjunction with counselor Melissa Dearmont from Midwest Country Clinic.
They are both EAGALA certified. 
More Information
CLICK HERE for more information about what to bring and what you will learn etc.
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CLICK HERE to register now!
Call 308-346-5663 to request special dates (2 days and nights minimum) or go to the schedule page look at Trail Ride Camp for the Whole Family Dates already on our calendar. 

 New Camp Formats Added in 2011
  • Horsemanship & Trail Obstacles Camp:  General Camp Information Packet: This NEW camp will include groundwork, despooking, horsemanship skillls, and a variety of trail obstacles and fun trail rides. A friendly competition for extra motivation.

  • Trail Ride Camp:  Information Packet: This NEW camp is for people who are not interested in lessons, they just want a really cool place to trail ride. We provide the lodging for both horses and humans, the land to ride on, lease horse if needed, and the wrangler to guide you. Bring the whole family or a group of your friends. Space limited to small groups of 6-8.

  • Spirit Horse Retreat Camp: Information packet: This NEW camp is for those who want to grow spiritually and they love horses. I have found that horses can teach us so much about ourselves and our relationships. They are like mirrors with hair on them, they can teach us many truths about life. Round pen, ground work exercises, riding tasks, mixed with free times of reflection, plus guided discussions & bible study will round out your day. Bring your own horse or lease one of ours if you don't have one.(This camp is a free will donation for the instructional part of the camp only, and part of the proceeds will be donated to either HETRA or NE Humane Society Equine Program, however the lodging, meals, and horse pens are the same cost as our regular camps.)  

  • Yoga for Riders Camp: Information Packet: This NEW camp is for those who want to develop their physical abilities as a rider. We will be doing yoga class every morning for our own bodies. Then we will be doing stretching exercises for your horse to improve his suppleness, and then we will be transfering the yoga exercises to riding. You will go away more physically fit, a plan to continue it, and a more balanced rider.

  • Body, Mind, and Spirit Camp: General Camp Information Packet: This NEW camp is a combination of the Spirit Horse Retreat and Yoga for Riders Camp with common sense horsemanship skills which will keep you progressing. We will start the day with Yoga exercises (Body), work the common sense horsemanship skills in the middle of the day(MIND), and end the day with Bible Study (Spirit).
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