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Uncover the Joys of Horsemanship
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Woman's Confident Leadership
Horsemanship Camps
 near Burwell, NE 
How the Camps Came About?
The concept of the camps came about by watching so many people, especially women struggling with confidence at our clinics.  After a clinic the students always wanted more and felt like they were just getting started after one or two days. Those who are dedicated to their horsemanship and have a deep desire to continue learning and progressing can be found at clinics. Attending clinics can be a great motivator to keep moving forward. However I found when I went to a three-day clinic rather than just a one or two day workshop I retained more of the information because we had more time to absorb and practice. When I went to a week-long class I was amazed at the difference in the experience. I will cherish that time forever because I made more progress during that week than I thought possible. The intense study several days in a row changed my life and the way I approach horsemanship. It is like I finally had time to soak it all in with proper supervision, support and encouragement. 

I would like to offer a full 7 day camp, however, from a little research it seems that most women are so busy these days with kids, jobs, etc. that most felt 4 days away from home was about all that they could sacrifice. The Calamus Outfitters Ranch is a perfect location for our camps because their ranch staff graciously provide for all of our needs  so we can completely focus on our horse relationship. The lodges and cabins are modern and comfortable, the food is great, there is 12,000 acres to trail ride on, and there is an indoor arena in case of bad weather.
As I visit with horse lovers I have realized that there is a wealth of knowledge available at our fingertips about horse training. Our camps are not only about developing a relationship with your horse, but about building your confidence as a leader and partner for your horse. As a group we will be there to support and encourage one another as we overcome fears, and face challenges that we may have with our horses. After leaving the camp the gals find that they continue the friendships they develop once they get home.
This year we are offering two different types of ALUMNI CAMPS for those who have attended before.  June 20-24 "BOOT CAMP" or the hard core, where people really want to work 12 hours a day with their horse with the focus on learning, more challenges, longer trail rides with some faster riding, and less down time. Then the other camp called Oct. 1-4 “Horse Vacation with Learning” for the person who needs a little more down time, enjoys just hanging out with the girls, short leisurely trail rides and shorter learning session or maybe even just a couple of private lessons. In other words sort of “Do Your Own Thing”. But I would like to especially focus on the riders feel and posture in both camps.
If you have attended one of our camps in the past and are interested in one of these alumni camps you can e-mail us for the details. Of course you can also still attend one of our regular camps if you are an alumni. People who have attended more than one say they get something different out of each one.
Sherry Jarvis

e-mail Sherry

or call 308-346-5663
82507 465th Ave. Burwell, NE 68823
PS: You will grow closer to your horse and develop a new self-awareness of who you are as a horsewoman during our camp. Please join us!

Sherry knew exactly what to say to help me understand what to do. This is the mark of a true educator and communicator. I don’t care if it is horsemanship or tennis – it doesn’t matter. The message was timed perfectly and communicated clearly and simply. Ahhhh, just what I had DARED to hope for.  Michele
Sherry’s level of commitment to each student is amazing and the atmosphere of caring and support (during tears of frustration and elation) from Sherry and the other women is something I will carry with me for a long time. For those horsewomen out there who have not attended and are thinking of it…GO!! Allison
Camp was awesome as usual-thanks to Sherry for mentoring and guiding us. A person really does learn tons of stuff about yourself (the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly) and lots of stuff about your horses.  I only wish I could do camp more often.  There is nothing  like focused time on partnership with your horse. Leigh
More Information
CLICK HERE  for Information Packet on Camps (What to bring, what you will learn etc.)
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Dear Horse lovers,
Say Goodbye to stale hotel rooms and common approaches to horsemanship clinics. Join us at the gorgeous Calamus Outfitters Ranch in the beautiful Sand hills of NE to experience a development retreat where nature is your classroom, horses are your teachers, and you discover more than you might expect about yourself. The ranch has spectacular sunsets, a peaceful environment, featuring a cozy lodge and home cooked meals. Awaken each day to the sounds of country life and finish each day under a blanket of stars or with a campfire sing along.

This will be a retreat that equips and encourages you to move beyond perceived limitations. You will be given positive support and strategies toward becoming a more confident leader for your horse. For those who are profoundly curious and committed to personal growth this retreat may take you beyond where you’ve been before. We hope that you go away knowing and experiencing the power of discovering how changing on the inside will dramatically impact your horsemanship skills and goals.

We will not only focus on riding, but on reading a horse. During the four days horses will provide us constant and instant feedback about our progress. Because horses see through the slightest of change of emotions and intention they will help us re-examine habits and patterns that may be holding our progress back. As animals that are preyed upon in nature, they have a highly developed ability to sense changes in the stance, intent, and emotions of predators. Horses see through the times when we say one thing but are really thinking and feeling another. They do this by reflecting back what they see in the handler’s behavior. So they are acting as a very responsive biofeedback agent offering us constant feedback for our actions. Through interaction with a horse you will become more aware of your own desires, attitudes, strengths, and weaknesses and how they affect your relationship. You may discover some feelings that you never had before in looking at a horse with a new set of glasses!

A tremendous boost in confidence comes from learning how to connect and then direct a thousand pound animal through mental focus, creative visualization, and clarity of intent. These skills, which can be difficult to teach in a traditional training session, are fun to learn and have many applications in how we relate to people everyday. You will also learn greatly from your fellow participants. Through group sessions you will foster this unique developmental connection to receive insights and to contribute to each other’s greater leadership mastery. It is intended to be a community in the best sense of the word.

We hope this will be a life changing experience and that during the retreat you will feel re-energized, have a new sense of purpose, and acquire skills and insights necessary to shift behaviors so that you can be more effective toward whatever it is you want to achieve. Growth comes from being able to face your fears, communicate your true feelings and access your strengths in a supportive environment that encourages your natural talents to emerge. Through interaction with horses you will deepen your awareness of personal issues, body tension, and attitudes that may be inhibiting your dreams from becoming reality. Come, let your heart find wings so that your dreams can fly.
Sherry Jarvis
82507 465th Ave. 
Burwell, NE 
Reports from 2009
From Michele
I would like to share my experience of my 4-day, Woman’s Confident Leadership Camp, held in June 09 in Burwell, NE @ Calamus Outfitters.

I took my horse Atticus, a five-year old Paint with me. I bought Atticus as a three-year old – yes the cardinal sin of horse ownership was broke. A green rider and a green horse – Yee Haw.

Anyways, Atticus and I have come a long ways together. There have been many tears and moments of freedom and joy that I will never be able to explain with words.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. When we arrived and began our first day, just the thought of going outside the indoor arena AND the fact of taking a trail ride in the Sandhills was basically unthinkable. How will I control him when he breaks gait or bucks?

As we were in the indoor arena, Sherry asked us to ride at the walk and close our eyes. By God if Atticus didn’t break gait. I had a meltdown and Sherry was right there to assure me that I wasn’t going to stay in that frame of mind and I was going to take action and pull up with one rein to slow him and change the gait back to the walk. I started to see her words work with my actions. I have had many good friends and trainers explain this to me but for some reason, now was the time the universe chose to make me understand it and execute it.

As the group of wonderful women decided to go outside, I wanted to grow and go too. Sherry assured me that she would be right there with me. She was. Atticus tried over seven times that day to break gate and Sherry was right there coaching me along and I was changing the “normal” outcome of such an action. Even when Sherry turned to assist the others, Atticus tried and I shut him down. I began to feel stronger and more confident as the afternoon went on. Sherry also relayed for me to keep my legs off of his sides and sit back in the seat. Again, others have shared this but until that very day, that place in time, did I get it and execute it successfully.

Sherry knew exactly what to say to help me understand what to do. This is the mark of a true educator and communicator. I don’t care if it is horsemanship or tennis – it doesn’t matter. The message was timed perfectly and communicated clearly and simply. Ahhhh, just what I had DARED to hope for.

Then, the group decided to go on the trail ride. I reached down inside me and got the answer to go also. So, we went on the 2.5 hour trailride and as promised, Sherry was right there with me, coaching me – even when Atticus bucked, I remember the words and actions to take with the one-rein stop, legs off, seat deep and back in the saddle.

I wondered why it had took so long to find the seat combined with leg and rein cues. Oh, no bother I thought, it is working, I’m confident and Atticus understands.

We had a lovely afternoon with a group of wonderful women and a facilitator that understood me and my needs and was there for me. She was my rock or my well in which I could draw from when I needed to.

Yes indeed, I’d found salvation with my horse, and a new lifelong trainer that was efficient and effective in her communications.

This instruction and direction was only one piece of many – discussions, classroom, homework, a review of a very valuable informational packet, private time with the facilitator, group time—all the adult learning principles were covered.

In my job (the one that I do each day so my horses will have a better life!) I recruit for talent and train and develop employees myself (and have been in HR for twelve years). So when I tell you that Sherry is a very polished professional with results that are measurable, I feel I can do so emphatically, with conviction and experience.

One of the most important areas to identify on any road to success is to have a coach or mentor or whatever you want to call it. I already have two (Michelle and Colleen), and I am secure in reporting that Ms. Sherry is on the list too—Sherry, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me reach goals and break through thresholds. I’ve got a long ways to go, but I know success is eminent with you on my side.

From Alison
For those of you who have attended a Woman’s Confident Leadership Camp, I imagine you will agree with me when I say…WOW!! For those horsewomen out there who have not attended and are thinking of it…GO!!
I knew this would be a tremendous experience of learning, bonding and growing with my horse Snap, but it exceeded my expectations. I had a horse who needed some “remedial education” with respect issues and in a short amount of time working with Sherry (and a time out!) Snap was changing for the better and so
was I.
Sherry’s level of commitment to each student is amazing and the atmosphere of caring and support (during tears of frustration and elation) from Sherry and the other women is something I will carry with me for a long time. As the days pass, I am reflecting more and more on how this has changed my relationship with my horse and how I view fear in my life…this was life changing for me.
The camp setting is terrific- peaceful and pampering…no worries about anything, a total escape. The food was wonderful and so was the hospitality from the Switzer’s. I have been able to take what I learned from camp and transfer my new skills to working with Snap at home…what a blessing!!

From Lois
Everyone was sooooo right!!! What an experience and you had better believe I will be telling everyone about it. Very much worth driving 7 hours.

I learned so much and really saw what a great equine partner I have. Moose was like a giant sponge and was like, "OK what are we doing next"...Goes to show...where the issue is...me....Anyway..my biggest awha was to focus on working on doing something and I am not thinking about a spook or fear. Got some great things that we can work on at home and even went on a trail ride.

I do have to say..Sherry is like the energizer bunny...she goes and goes and goes...she worked way harder than the rest of us and did it with a smile and let me help you. She also understands so well sometimes you think she is a mind reader....

I feel honored to have had the chance to come to a camp and you can count on the fact that there will be another. I am hooked. Just wish I was a little closer.

Rosie did very well also, and Sherry showed me how to progress with her also. Interesting to work with horses with opposite personalities. Anyway just wanted to give you an update on my experience...and say thank you to all who encouraged me to go.

I couldn't believe how nice it was to just let the world go by and have 4 days to totally devote to my horses and developing my savvy. I think it was a lot easier to push out of my comfort zone with all the support and encouragement. I also discovered I was making things a lot harder for myself. I am definitely thinking more now and am more aware of the responses I am looking for..

From Sandi:
I’ve taken a few moments to read the thank-you notes other people have written about camp.  I’d like to add my special thanks as well.  The September camp I attended was my 3rd, and I’ve been to several clinics as well, so the training is not all new.  It might seem like Kal and I don’t work very hard on the tasks you set us.  Partly that’s because I actually get tired, and partly because I want to be careful not to bore him with repetition.  I’ve also discovered that I learn a great deal from just watching other people with their horses.
Still, the September camp was a highlight for me.  At that camp, Kal seems to have accepted me and seems so much more willing to please (most of the time).  Our ground work just keeps improving.  I can walk toward him obliquely anywhere in the yard or in the pasture and he’ll join up and come along.
I think a lot of our success is up to me now.  I’m really not a very good rider!  I haven’t developed the feel to transfer what we do on the ground to what we do as a real team.  The explanation in your last letter about freeing the shoulders went right over my head, and I know I still have very heavy hands, so I need to just keep working.
I’ve been a little out of touch lately because it’s a very busy time of year at work and because of some health issues with my husband that are going to mean some travel, so it might be awhile before you actually see me.  I’m hoping to maybe make it to one of your Lincoln or Omaha clinics in December.  Keep up the good work.

The Fourth Annual Alumni Woman's Camp Testimonies:
 From Cheryl:
Every year I come home thinking this year was even better than last!  I don't know how Sherry does it.  One of the keys is her constant learning and personal development.  As she grows, she shares with us and offers us the opportunity to expand our knowledge and playing field.  She is always there encouraging and celebrating our successes.
The Switzers have a beautiful ranch with outstanding accommodations, food, and fellowship.  We stayed in the North Lodge this year and we all agreed we liked it even better than the main lodge. 
The spotlights were quite inspiring.  Everyone has their strengths and it was fun to see them on display.  The music adds a new dimension.  For my turn, I asked Sherry to pick out two Mary Ann Kennedy songs and I rode Kisses freestyle to one and finesse (on contact) to the second.  My plan was to live in the moment and ride the horse that showed up.  Fortunately, my partner showed up and I was very happy with our ride. 
We had some nice group trail rides and a couple group lessons.  We were outside all day Saturday, but spent quite a bit of time in the indoor arena Friday, Sunday and Monday.  Everyone had a private lesson with Sherry.  Leigh and I wanted a trail ride to end camp, so our "lesson" was a ride with Sherry.  We rode in the wind and the rain, but we also had some time when the wind was calm and the Sandhills had their special magic.  I don't know how to describe it.  The Sandhills are spiritual to me.  I feel like this is the most beautiful area in God's creation and am so thankful I get to live here.  The rain makes the footing even better.  We walked, we trotted, we loped, maybe some galloping even.  We went up and down the hills, we saw the deer enjoying the misty day.  We were appreciative and thankful. It was the perfect ending for me.
Not sure what next year will bring, but I plan to make my annual pilgrimage to Calamus Outfitters for another camp with Heart in Your Hand Horsemanship. ­­­­­­­­­­­

From Cindy:
As in every year, I come home from camp enriched in friendships, and my horsemanship.  Although the weather certainly could have been better, I still loved every minute of it.  The drive out to the beautiful Sand hills brought me peace and joy.
What I enjoyed most:
  1. The exercises we learned....
  2.  Friday when we played with each others horses, I chose Blue.  Leigh's mule.  That was a first to play with a mule!   He kept me on my toes and you could see he was two steps ahead of me all the way ;)  What fun, and a challenge at the same time.  I think I know now why Leigh is attracted to mules...!
  3. Saturday....the trail rides through the Sandhills.  I am quite sure that is the most I have ridden Checkers in one day.   I loved the ride out earlier in the day.  It was the first time I've gone through the gate, landing my eyes on the vast Sandhills, and not feeling fear of the unknown.   Checkers gave me that sweet confidence.  Sherry showed me the hill that the first year I got off and walked up. (We call it the FAT FARM hill!) This year I cantered up to it.  What a difference!  
  4. I also played on my horse bareback that afternoon.  Another thing I always wanted to do, but was too afraid to. 
  5.  We loved watching every one's routine to music.
  6. Sunday..... after Sherry's cowgirl church we moved indoors.  Sherry kept us busy with exercises in the arena she uses in her colt training to create a softer more supple and responsive horse.  
  7. Monday: For my individual lesson, I had Sherry show me how to Long Line using two reins.   I loved the FEEL it presented to me on line.  I wasn't sure I could handle two ropes, as I seem to have enough trouble with just one 22ft.  but it wasn't as hard as I thought.  And was actually fun!
  8. As usual Sherry gave us some nice study material including areas of Leadership, Communication, Partnership and Lightness.  Again also emphasizing the Mental, Emotional and Physical Collection.  It was a nice balance of thought and application.
I do feel it all came together for me this year.  I have always felt like I was swimming under a layer of ice and I finally hit it from underneath hard enough and broke through.   Thanks to my awesome horse Checkers, my mentor teacher Sherry, and my dear friends that are just as much a part of this journey as any thing else.
Wow...I'm finally where I want to be.

Lessons from Horsemanship Camp transferred to working cattle!
From Renee:
Had to write you to tell you what an exciting day I had today. We have been working our calves, pre-conditioning (vaccinating)  for weaning in a couples weeks from now.  Been using 4 wheelers for moving cows to corrals but used Jack for sorting in the corral.  Was so happy to use the maneuvers you taught me on him and he worked so much better. I realized that what helps so much and why we do so good at it is because of the intention that you taught us about.  We are so focused on the cow that even when one dives back into the herd, it is like parting the sea.  So neat to realize how that works so well.  I thought it was all Jack doing that however I do give him a lot of credit for his intentions.
Anyway another exciting thing that I learned today and thought you would be interested in was what I learned in moving the cows.  We were taking the herd back to pasture with our 4 wheelers and I was watching our Border Collie and his herding at the same time my husband and I were criss-crossing in the back.  It all came together, we were doing serpentines!  That's what the dog was doing naturally.  So I said "let’s try going up on opposite sides of the herd, turning in towards the cows and criss-crossing in the back, like your dance you talk about. It seemed to work great.  I think we can really perfect our timing and dance as we only had about a half a mile to move them.  Looks like if we want the herd to move in a different direction, the person on that side would go up a little farther.  I am so anxious to try it some more.
So I got to thinking of this on a deeper level.  Why I think this works is I think maybe cows need to be disengaged on the front end.  When you think about it, when a cow gets on the fight, she braces in the front and faces her enemy.  So exciting.  I've heard that you need to move cows from the side so I am taking it a step farther.  I think you need to disengage that front end and then drive them once moving.  We have probably done a lot of this already without realizing what we were doing.  I am so anxious to do more experimenting.
I haven't had time to work with Ace.  We have been very busy.  You did such a great job with him.  I have way more hope for him now.  Sprinklers have been breaking down and I help my husband with that.  Almost through irrigating if we can just get through the next couple weeks.
The lessons that you taught were so, so, so valuable.  Thanks so much and looking forward to working with you more

The third Alumni Woman’s Confidence Leadership Camp was Oct. 2-6th 2008
and the gals say it was the best one ever. Here are a few comments:

Thank You Sherry for all your preparation and commitment to our Woman's camp. You really put your heart and soul into it this year, and I felt it was just perfect.

 I love the Sandhills , mix that with my horse, furthering my horse knowledge and horse friends and I am in heaven.

I enjoyed learning new patterns.  Now I  understand the purpose of the patterns.  Horses are pattern animals.  Now I understand more clearly accepting "Good", and not just "good enough".  And staying with the task until he is relaxed doing it.

Camp was awesome as usual-thanks to Sherry for mentoring and guiding us. A person really does learn tons of stuff about yourself (the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly) and lots of stuff about your horses.

I was really impressed with the leaps and bounds upward each of us has made and celebrated {and there were lots!} but more importantly how we hold each other accountable for positive progress, how we hold each other up when it's needed, and how we can share what we do have.

I only wish I could do camp more often.  There is nothing  like focused time on partnership with your horse.

Thank you for the nice thank you note. I loved the picture of me and Lexie on it! I would like to get one of that blown up. It really shows how far Lexie and I have come! I enjoyed this camp the most. I felt confident for once in my abilities and my horses abilities.
I really appreciated the private lesson format and the assessments. It made me take a good look at myself and even though I dreaded it I was pleasantly surprised by what I can actually do with my horse.
Every single time I've gone out since camp she's caught me. I don't push or force anymore, or grab when I can because I might not get the chance to again!! I let her decide to be with me. The other night I thought maybe we wouldn't get to ride because she kept changing her mind about staying with me. But then I thought, banish those thoughts from your mind, so what if you don't get to ride! That isn't the goal here! And wouldn't you know it she decided right at that moment to hook up with me!! It is so very very rewarding, words can't even describe my happiness, to see the changes in my horse because I have changed in my attitude, in my very being. And all for the better, all for the good, that even makes it worth even more to me!! Her placing her trust in me is the most best compliment she could ever give me, the best reward, and one I will guard and nurture with all that is within me. I can only think of one thing that would be even better: the feeling you must get knowing that your students and their horses are experiencing this partnership and that you had a hand in helping us do that! Thank you for that!! I will be forever grateful for this awesome, life changing experience. Sharon

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