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 Sherry on Sorry a foggy morning ride at home. Photo taken by Jane Perez
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Uncover the Joy of Horsemanship
by turning to our expert instructor Sherry Jarvis

Youth and Youth/Parent Horsemanship Camps
with instructor Sherry Jarvis 
 near Burwell, NE 
Dear Parents,
I want you to know my qualifications for teaching these summer horsemanship camps. I have been a certified teacher for 20 years. I have taught K-8 grades and substitute taught in high schools.

I have successfully competed in rodeos and horse shows, but my focus now is on instruction and training. I have trained horses for Pitzer Ranch near Ericson, and Broken Bones Ranch in WY. I started training at a very early age under the guidance of my father. Throughout the years I have started many young horses and helped people with problem horses.

12 years ago I began an intensive study of natural horsemanship that changed my attitudes and thinking, causing me to be even more effective with both horses and people. I have taken a couple of horses to level three Parelli natural horsemanship standards, and several to level two.

I have given private riding lessons for years. I started teaching horsemanship full time five years ago, as I couldn't keep up with two jobs. I have been a 4-H volunteer, Sunday school teacher, gymnastic, dance and sign language coach, plus I have helped with various other youth organizations.
I wanted to share with you some interesting research that I recently found that supports what I am doing at our summer horsemanship camps.

By Cindy Schonholtz
The American Youth Horse Council (AYHC) has partnered with Pennsylvania State University to conduct research that quantifies what we already know: Kids + Horses = Magic! One of the strategic goals of the AYHC is to validate the measurable impact of equine activities on youth development. There have been few scientific studies conducted that measure the impact of horse activities on horsemanship and life skills development. AYHC and Penn State teamed up with the National High School Rodeo Association, 4-H, Pony Club and the American Quarter Horse Youth Association to conduct this important research.

The Impact of Equine Activities Survey contained questions related to horsemanship skills, life skills and demographic characteristics. Content and validity of the survey was validated by a panel of experts and by conducting a field test. A sample of 982 youth between the ages of 12 and 18 active in the above youth equine organizations was selected. Responding youth indicated that they “most of the time” to “always” performed horsemanship skills in the area of handling, safety, riding, nutrition and health management. Similarly, respondents indicated that they “often” exhibited life skills relative to decision making, communicating, goal setting, problem solving and critical thinking. A significant positive relationship was found between total horsemanship skills development and life skills development. This information should be very valuable for youth leaders when developing curriculum, planning activities and seeking funding and resources.

This research supports our idea for the camps that we are conducting for both youth and women. What we are teaching and what you will experience is not just about the performance of your horse.
Good horsemanship has a holistic approach with focus on both the horse and the rider, where relationship is key. Skills developed include, listening, communication, problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, creativity, goal setting, empathy, patience, sensitivity, self-awareness, confidence, leadership, self-control, perseverance, justice, dignity, caring, and sharing. These are skills I intend to build upon at the youth summer camps. The above list is a very powerful self-development program, which will help guide our youth toward self-esteem that will sustain and enhance them through life.
It doesn't matter what discipline or activity kids choose to compete in with their horse, the concepts and principles that we teach will benefit them because they will learn to communicate more effectively with their horse. Everything we will be doing will lead to even greater success no matter what discipline or activities you already do with your horse, because it will help you communicate even better with your horse. Your horse will become more willing and therefore your performance will not only be easier but more eye appealing to the judge. Even if you ride speed events your control will improved and thus your speed.

It is my desire to be of assistance to youth who love horses so they can be even more successful. According to my research, my camp cost is very competitive in price.
Sherry Jarvis
email: Sherry
Call 308-346-5663 
Cell 308-730-2150
82507 465th Ave. Burwell, NE 68823

Hey Sherry! We just had our 4h horse show yesterday. With your help I got 5 trophies. They were trail, poles, barrels, pleasure, and raining. Thanks for helping me slow Sue down, that helped me a ton. I am looking forward to going to another one of your workshops with Duke. Anyways, I guess I will talk to you soon.
I had a great time and am now enjoying applying what I learned to other horses and also passing on the knowledge to my 6 year old son and helping him “Play” with his pony.
Heartfelt thanks
Gail Mais Photographer
Kids and Horses = FUN & LOVE!
What a wonderful spot you have. Ally is still talking about the whole thing. Especially riding with you What a blessing you are for her. She just wants to absorb everything you do and say. You have such a good way with her.There are people who know a lot about horses that are not good at working with people. You my dear are both, a wonderful horsewomen and a wonderful teacher.
Youth Camps
12-18 yrs. old
Youth/Parent Camps 12 yrs. & under with one parent
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 Picture of Sherry's  Nephew and his pony. Aren't they cute?

Kids Camp Report 2006
They girls and their mom were real troopers working and playing hard in the heat. Every parent dreams of having a kids
horse to keep their children safe and having fun. These little girls had the perfect kids horses. I have never worked with a better pair.
Their names were "Roper" a palomino gelding and "Smokey" a gray gelding. They were both under 10 years old. They
were despooked to nearly everything. So I would call them nearly bombproof. I don't believe there is such a thing as a
100% bombproof horse, because we can all get startled from time to time, and that is only natural. It is the reaction to
the scary thing that is important.
I have worked with a lot of so called "kid horses". Most of them are very dull, pushy, resistant, and sometimes disrespectful. These two horses stood out above all the rest, because they were not only calm but fairly sensitive as well. The
combination of self-confidence yet respect was apparent in these two horses, indeed a rare combination for a "kids horse".
I don't know how much they purchased these horses for, but they were very valuable in my eyes.
Both girls were able to play six of the seven games quite successfully by the second day. On the third day they were
playing them with creativity using obstacles. (Like the circle and yo yo game while sitting in a chair, squeeze over a tarp,
etc). We didn't even try the sideways game yet, because I wanted them to win the driving game of both the front-end and hindquarters before moving on, to prevent any frustrations. The girls were very surprised at how light their horses turned
and stopped while riding in a halter. It was such a blessing to see the girls building their confidence and horses that were
being so willing. We even got them to jump the barrels on the second day in less than 10 minutes.

We went on three trail rides. The first one was filled with games using bushes, trees, and wild flowers for direction and stopping, buddy sour circles, and serpentines to practice our direct reins.

The second trail ride was about an hour for relaxation, as we went with the ranch dude string and guests. We hung out
at the back of the string as I was the official gate closer. The third trail ride was about 2 hours and we challenged the
riders with a few bigger hills. The views were great and we took some pictures.

Since it was so hot, we spent plenty of time swimming in the lake. That's where I got the sunburn. We had fun trying to
catch minnows, tadpoles, and baby frogs. The fish were sure jumping and it was sometimes kind of freaky when they
jumped so close to us. We saw a pelican and a bald eagle, plus some turtles peaking our of the water at us from time to
time. Of course we build sand castles on the beach.

I took a young horse on her first trail rides during the camp and let the Mom ride my horse Dolly. I can't tell you all how
proud I was of "Sorry", she was the leader and acted like she had been trail riding her whole life. I had to mount and
dismount several times as I was the gate opener and closer. She acted like a professional ranch horse. At times like
these, I remember how frustrated I used to get with stuff like that, before I taught my horses the seven games. They sure
come in handy. They are more than just games. They are a means of communicating so that we can both be safe.
Because of the driving and porcupine game, I was able to keep her out of the wire gates at all times. Thank goodness,
I have learned this stuff and put it to good use. However, I did tear one of my favorite pair of pants on the wire while
trying to fix a gate that had a broken wire.
The participants loved the ranch and are looking forward to coming back to enjoy the beautiful views in the sandhills
and riding in the open country. I just hope the next time they come it is a little cooler. We talked about going tubing or
tanking the next time they come. I can't wait to see them again, I know they are going to be doing amazing things with
their horses, because they were such good students and they have such nice horses. These girls are going to grow up
to be great horsewomen as they have a huge head and are getting started in the best way possible. What a gift their
parents have given them! And what luck to find the perfect horses for their journey.
As I came home last night sweating, sun-burned, with cracked lips, I never felt such fulfillment and joy even though my
body was aching all over. It was a very good week!
Happy Trails,
Sherry Jarvis

We had a great time visiting you during the rodeo.   Thank you for allowing us to come and visit you and your horses. 
What a wonderful spot you have near Burwell.  Ally is still talking about the whole thing (especially riding with you). What
a blessing you are for her.  She just wants to absorb everything you do and say.  You have such a good way with her. 
You impressed me with your skill with the horses.  But you blew me away when I watched how you worked with Ally.  I
don't know if you remember but Sunday afternoon of the two day clinic she was trying sooooo hard to impress me and
she was also getting very tired.  Her frustration was growing and you kept encouraging her to try again.  Then she froze
and started crying.  You instantly responded calmly and reassured her.  Then you physically moved away giving her
some space.  When that didn't settle her down you had everyone just walk around with their horses. You handled her perfectly.  She was calm and ready to try again after that and was successful at the skill.  There are people who know a
lot about horses that are not good at working with people.  You my dear are both, a wonderful horsewomen and a
wonderful teacher.
See you this fall, Vicki

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