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PRIVACY STATEMENT: The information collected on this page or any other page on our website is completely confidential and is only used to help serve you better by helping us provide programs, clinics, camps and lessons that will meet your individual needs according to your experience and skill levels.  We promise that we will NOT release this information to any spamers or mailing lists. We guarantee that All of our programs are legitimate horsemanship educational resources and are not scams. We look forward to serving your horsemanship goals in order to help you live your horsemanship dreams.

Our Friendly Warning
Be sensible and don't attempt anything that is outside your comfort level. Any information on this website or that we present through any of our programs are intended to illustrate how we apply our training techniques with success.

However you are responsible for using this information wisely. If you don't feel comfortable with your abilities or an exercise, don't do it! Seek advice or assistance from a professional before attempting things beyond your skill or confidence level. Stay on the "high side of trouble".
Keep it natural and above all KEEP IT SAFE!

PS: There is always some risk involved in horse training for both you and the horse. Horses can cause serious injury. So be savvy.Type your paragraph here.

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Why not schedule a horse vacation this year that will change your life?
Our Camps in the beautiful sandhills of NE will be a horse experience you will not forget.   We have guests who have returned 10 years in a row for our camps,  and look forward each year to their annual pilgrimage to the ranch. Each year is different.

WARNING: our trails are NOT GROOMED. There is a very likely possibility that your horse will get a cactus, sandburr, or cockleburr, but he will survive. After riding a mule down the Grand Canyon I would consider most of our trails fairly easy. Depending on your experience you may think some of them are challenging. Also be warned there may be wild animals that could jump out and startle your horse on the trail. There can be no guarantee of 100% safety on the trail.  But we will do what we can do reduce the risk, especially for those who are attending a confident camp. We do as much as we can to develop your confidence when you are in our care for lessons. If you just want to come trail ride without lessons, we will do our best to watch for your safety, but will not babysit. However, we will intervene if we see anything which is developing into an unsafe situation. We don't want to see anyone harmed. We have a good track record of very few injuries and no serious ones. Every time we work with or ride a horse we are taking a risk of injury. There are things we can do to minimize the risk, but it will always be there.We require everyone sign a liability release and helmet waiver. 

Have you ever considered private lesson because you don't like the crowds at a clinic?

We have quite a following of students who have taken monthly private lessons from us for 9years in the Omaha and Lincoln areas. So I have traveled  there nearly every month for about 9 years until 2013 when the bunkhouse got too busy for me to travel regularly. So unless the bunkhouse at home fills up I have a few dates on the schedule to travel. I will travel when working with a hostess to help organize a clinic, small groups or private lessons in your area. You can also come to my place anytime for private lessons.

Do you wonder  how you could ride in a clinic on your tight budget?
Then hosting a clinic may just be for you. If you get at least 7 other people signed up, make the arena acommodations, plus house and feed Sherry, provide a horse for her to ride, then you can ride in the clinic for FREE!   Sherry will travel anywhere in the country, so why not host a clinic? It is a great opportunity  for both of us.

Please use the above contact for for more info.

Sherry will send you a pdf information packet.

Reservations must be made in advance.  
50% Non-refundable deposit: 

A Deposit reserves your spot and applies toward total camp fee, but not toward any sales taxes. In the event that you cancel, the deposit is only applied toward another camp upon our approval of a real emergency. The deposit may only be transferred one time and must be transferred within one year of the date of cancelation. It cannot be transferred to someone else.  In the event that we cancel the camp for any reason, the deposit is fully refundable or transferrable if you choose. If we approve the transfer if must be used within one year of the date of your cancellation.

Can I just come to trail ride without attending a camp? 

Yes, you can come to just trail ride without lessons and stay in the bunkhouse and board your horse here, as long as I have nobody here for lessons and I am not on the road. So if there is a date that works for both of us we have some nice trail riding around here. (Access to 20,000 acres)  I have comfortable space for 5 people and 6-10 horses at once. I can do more people but that must be agreed upon by all of us after the conditions and expectations are clear and understood. 

However a vacation where you just come spend time with your horse is not the same as a camp/clinic or spirit horse retreat.

So don't expect my undivided attention unless you are paying me for lessons.

Overflow of people after the bunkhouse is full, can stay in your camper if it is fully contained for $30/night/trailer and then the stall fee also which is $15/night/horse. We do not have hook ups. There are hookups at camp grounds nearby but they do not allow horses. I do charge  an hourly  guide fee for  group trail rides.  Lease horses are available.

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