Schedule: 2017

Feel free to contact Sherry (308-730-2150)  to see to set up your own dates for your special event/lessons/trail ride either at her Horse Lover's Bunkhouse in Burwell, or to host a clinic in your area.

*Only the dates/events with an (*) beside them are definite, so if you would like to reserve a time with a date that does not have an (*) beside it, call Sherry (308-730-2150) to see if that time is available for your special event/lesson/trail ride. 


*March 3 -5 Private Spirit Horse Retreat (Full)

March 24-26 Spirit Horse Retreat (Burwell)

March 31 Dressage Showcase Omaha World Cup

*April 5-7 Private Trail Ride Camp (full)

*April 22 Young Living Rally (Sherry hosting in Burwell)

April 28-30 Spirit Horse Retreat (Burwell)


May 5-7 Horsemanship Clinic (Burwell)

(room for 3 more)

May 12-13 Mother's Day Trail Ride (Burwell)

May 19-21 Spirit Horse Retreat (Burwell)

May 26-29 Executive Young Living Retreat (Burwell)

*May 30-June 6 Private Horsemanship Boot Camp (Full)

*June 8-11 Horsemanship Camp (Still room for 3)

*June 13-18 Sherry gone to Young Living Convention in Utah.

June 23-25 Spirit Horse Retreat (Burwell)


*July 8 Young Living Rally (Burwell)

July 14-16 Horsemanship Camp (Burwell)

July 21-23 Spirit Horse Retreat (Burwell)

July 28-30 Trail Camp (Burwell)

August 4-6 Horsemanship Camp (Burwell)

Aug 11-13 Spirit Horse Retreat (Burwell)

Aug 18-21 Wyoming Young Living

Aug 25-27 Trail Camp (Burwell)


Sept. 1-4 Silver Retreat for Young Living Members (Burwell)

*Sept 8-11 Wyoming Horse Clinic

Sept. 14-17 Silver Retreat Utah

*Sept. 22-24 Private Horsemanship Camp (Full)

Sept. 29-Oct. 1 Spirit Horse Retreat (Burwell)

Oct. 6-9 Trail Camp (Burwell)

*Oct. 13-16 Alumni Camp (Burwell)

*Oct. 14 Young Living Rally (Burwell)

Oct 20-22 Spirit Horse Retreat (Burwell)

Oct. 27-30 Horsemanship Camp (Burwell)

Bunkhouse Rates
* Single person reserve the whole place $50/night
* Double the fun (2 people) $90/night
* Triple the fun (3 people) $112/night
* Four people $120/night
* Five or more people if you want to double up in beds (sleeps 9) $135/night
  Tax in not included add 10.5%

Outdoor or Indoor Stalls
* $15/night/horse + tax 5.5%
* Private lessons are $30/hour (max 2 people)
* Guided Trail rides are $25/hour
* Trail Rides on Private Ranches $10/day extra land access fee
* Group Lessons (3-5 people) are $50/hour
* Lease Horse is $50/day or $25/for half day (includes tack)