Bunkhouse Rates
* Single person reserve the whole place $50/night
* Double the fun (2 people) $90/night
* Triple the fun (3 people) $112/night
* Four people $120/night
* Five or more people if you want to double up in beds (sleeps 9) $135/night
  Tax in not included add 10.5%

Outdoor or Indoor Stalls
* $15/night/horse + tax 5.5%
* Private lessons are $30/hour (max 2 people)
* Guided Trail rides are $25/hour
* Trail Rides on Private Ranches $10/day extra land access fee
* Group Lessons (3-5 people) are $50/hour
* Lease Horse is $50/day (includes tack)

Schedule: 2018 

Feel free to contact Sherry (308-730-2150)  to see to set up your own dates for your special event/lessons/trail ride either at her Horse Lover's Bunkhouse in Burwell, or to host a clinic in your area.

 If you would like to reserve a time with a date that does say full, call Sherry (308-730-2150) to see if that time is available for your special event/lesson/trail ride. 

April 5-8 Spring North Hills Fox Hunthere in Burwell, NE

April 7 Young Living Rally
2:00-4:00 FREE Burwell, NE (Learn about supporting both you and your horses health with natural products)

April 13-14 Sherry attending worship leader
conference in Broken Bow, NE

April 20 Equine Raindrop Demonstration 
6:30-8:00 $5.00/person Lincoln Equestrian Center 2541 W Claire Ave Lincoln NE 68523

April 21 Human Equine Raindrop Demonstration
9:30-11:30 $5.00 Long Professional Center, 4535 Normal Blvd. #205 Lincoln, NE
April 22 Sherry attending the Cowboy Dressage
Clinic in Central City, NE

April 24-26 Private lesson Camp in Burwell (full)

April 27-29 Trail Riding Camp at Burwell, NE
(with or without lessons) OPEN

May 1-4 Confidence Riding Camp at Burwell, NE  (Only 2 Spots left open)

May 12 Human 10:00 am and Equine4:00 pm Raindrop Demos, 1:00 Trail Ride, and fellowship at Brewery 6:30 https://www.facebook.com/events/413861442419411/
May 14-17 Confidence/Trail riding Camp at Burwell, NE (3 spots left open)

May 18-20 Spirit Horse Retreat at Burwell, NE OPEN 

May 25-28 Open for anyone to come for lessons, spirit horse retreat or trail rides.

May 29- June 6 Horsemanship and Trail Boot Camp Arrive on the 29th by 5:00 leaving by noon on the 6th) (Only 2 Spots left open)

June 8 Equine Raindrop Demo in North Platte NE

June 9-10 Confidence Riding Camp at Burwell, NE  OPEN

June 13-18 Young Living Convention in Salt Lake City Utah (5K run)

June 22-23 Sherry attending Worship Leader Training at Broken Bow, NE 

June 29-July 1 Trail Riding Camp at Burwell, NE  OPEN

July 16-22 Todd Schueler Family Vacation here at BunkHouse

July 25-28th Burwell rodeo
the BunkHouse is already reserved.

The rest of July and August are open for reservations,  so let me know what you want and when you want it. (I will update this document as people make reservations)

Aug 25-26th Sherry is attending ABC hoofcare
clinic in Plattsmouth. NE


Sept 1-3 Spirit Horse Retreat at Burwell, NE OPEN 

Sept 7-9 Annual Horsemanship Clinic in Lusk WY for saddle club

Sept 10-12 Sherry vacationing at Carter Ranch in WY

Sept. 13-17 Young Living Silver Retreat Mona, UT
Sept 21-23  Private Trail Ride Camp at Burwell, NE (2 spots open)

Sept. 27-Oct. 1 Private Trail Ride Camp at Burwell, NE (full)

Oct. 5-7 Annual Alumni Camp at Burwell, NE (Only 2 Spots left open)

Oct. 12-14 Private Trail Camp (2 spots open)

The rest of Oct. and Nov... by reservation as weather permits (I will update this document as people make reservations) .