All Reservations require a 50% Deposit
 A deposit is required to hold your reservation.

All deposits are non-refundable unless we cancel for an unforeseen reason.

All deposits may be transferable to another date or event within the same calendar year to a similar event, upon our approval,  if you have a real emergency.

Advanced notice is required  within one week of the event and it must be a real emergency to qualify.
 Waiting lists are available!

More questions
Call: 308-346-5663 or 308-730-2150
Email: Sherry
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Sherry Jarvis
Mail Checks to: 82507 465th Ave. Burwell, NE 68823

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Horsemanship Camps at Horse Lover's Bunkhouse

Prices includes: All day instruction, lodging for rider and horse.Only 5 participants, so lots of individual instructions

Does not include food for riders or horses. (Kitchen in Bunkhouse)

2 day camp $450; 3 day camp $650; 4 day camp $750
5 day camp $950; 6 day camp $1050
Lease Horse extra $50/day



Sherry answers your e-mails and phone calls personally in a timely manner. Our Prices are the best in the industry.

We are friendly and care about your horse like it is our own.
We adapt our programs and instruction to fit individual needs.
We believe in you and will do everything we can to help you continue your journey until you reach your destination with ongoing  support and encouragement.

Pay for Services

  • Camps at Horse Lover's Bunkhouse near Burwell, NE (both adult and kids)
  • Private lessons
  • Clinics (any location with Host organizer)

  • Spirit Horse Retreats (Burwell, and other locations with host organizer)

  • Trail Riding (Over 20,000 acres available) Guided $25/hour

  • Fox Hunting(Spring and Fall)

  • Horse Training/Tune Ups

  • Apprentice Program

  • Demonstrations and Lectures for Clubs and Expos
  • Raindrop Technique on Horses
  • Motivational and Inspirational Speaking

Traveling Trainer
2 hour Private lesson $100 ($50/hour)

Semi-private 2 hr. Lessons: 2 people $80 each; 3 people $75 each

arena fees and lease horses are extra

Private Lessons in Burwell with your horse: only $30/hour

Semi private 2 people $20/hour each; 3 people $15/hour each
include a short free trail ride if desired.

Lease horse extra $50/day and $25 for 1/2 day (includes tack)


Host a clinic you ride for free if you get at least 7 paid riders; plus arrange the clinic accommodations.(arena, stalls, place for clinician to stay and meals, horse for Sherry to ride.)

Clinics are 9:00-4:00
1 day $150/rider; 2 day $250/rider 3 day $350/rider

Auditors $30/day

Arena or stall fees may be extra; Lodging and meals not included.

Minimum of 8 people maximum of 15 people


CLASSROOM WORKSHOPS: Topics include: Equine Psychology, Horse Health using Essential Oils, Exercises for riders, Fun Simulations, Rider Confidence

2 hours - $25/person; 4 hours - $50/person

DEMONSTRATION WORKSHOPS: Topics include : Ground Work, Raindrop Technique (Essential oils), Rider Transformation, Saddling and Bridling Made Easy, Trailer Loading, ETC.

1/2 day - $250; Full Day - $500


Newsletters (with Training Tips,I nspirational Articles, and Specials)
Phone Call Support: (Once you participate in anevent,

we answer questions and help you solve problems at home) 

Blogs (with many Training Articles and Student Testimonies) 
Horsemanship Blog 
Sandhills Horses Sense Blog

Heart of the Horse Blog


For your learning, support and encouragement

You can watch replays on Facebook, or ask for the recording links to the calls.

8:00 pm CT Call 605-562-3140 accesscode 983249

Spirit Horse Retreats by Free will offering for instruction,

only pay for the facilities and written materials.

Bunkhouse Rates
* Single person reserve the whole place $50/night
* Double the fun (2 people) $90/night
* Triple the fun (3 people) $112/night
* Four people $120/night
* Five or more people if you want to double up in beds $135/night

Outdoor or Indoor Stalls
* $15/night/horse + tax 5.5%

Guided Group Trail Rides $25/hour


Includes lodging/meals;stall for at one horse  5 days of instruction/week, (must bring food for your own horse)
6 week program $2800; 5 week program $2400
4 week program $2000; 3 week program $1600
2 week program $1200; 1 week program $800

Prices are negotiable if a person chooses to provide their own meals. there is a kitchen in the bunkhouse.